Social Media: Quality or Quantity?


Social Media: Quality or Quantity?

With social media playing the huge role it now does within brand exposure and marketing, it is a common debate within digital circles as to whether quality or quantity or content is the winning ingredient for a winning strategy. The benefits of using social media to further business objectives are plentiful. As a result, the subject is deserving of its own post and so we’ll take care not to venture too far down that road today.

What we will discuss is the ongoing rift between two core approaches within the digital marketing industry: namely quality and quantity.

What Does a High Quantity of Content Achieve?

All brands want to be successful in the social media game. Many deem it as one of their priorities, putting audience size and number of impressions on the likes of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram at the forefront of their marketing plan.

This isn’t without justification; social media offers an insane amount of opportunity for brands and business models of all sizes and industries. For those just starting out however, it can be easy to fall foul with the communities they wish to join before ever getting the chance to. Lots make the classic mistakes newcomers make: focusing far too much on vanity metrics as opposed to establishing a suitable brand voice, building up a stock of engaging and relevant content or even failing to have a legitimate ‘plan’ in the first place.

It’s easy to join the fun and simply start clicking when starting out. What must not be overlooked however; is that each and every one of a brand’s competitors is working to achieve the same end goals as your own – though chances are they’re actually working to a long term plan!

A high volume of content is great – providing that it all communicates the right message and doesn’t focus solely on hammering the same point or conversion home over and over again. Start slowly and build up to your desired volume in time as your plan develops in line with the lay of the land.

What Does Quality Content Achieve?

There’s no use in denying that there remains a culture of vanity metric worship on social media. The urgency of brands to grow up followership beyond their level of requirement or development is made easier by the fact that there are still a lot of empty vessels on social media – Twitter especially. These accounts are quick to join the party but never really engage let alone convert. A consistent outpour of borderline content can lead to a lot of followers of this kind – though before long you’ll realise that things aren’t moving forward: there’s no traffic referrals coming in at domain level and there’s zero real brand awareness to report.

High quality content enables an account to build two things that are absolutely necessary in order to move in the right direction: trust and followers – real followers with a genuine interest in the brand and what it does/delivers.

If we want our brands content and therefore message to remain as a daily fixture in the social feed of a person who’s interest can and will lead to quantifiable conversion, we had best make sure that we’re giving them something unique and interesting – at the very least!

Through the provision of brilliant content you build social proof – the reputation as an authority, a source that is going to be worth somebody’s time. It’s extremely hard work, but once things get off the ground the benefits are unparalleled. The followers accumulated through brilliant content are harder to win, but worth the effort.

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