Our Services

In this age of relentless communication – strategy is everything if you value being heard. We take products & services to market in the most forthright, impactful and wholesome way. From plan to production to implementation, we’re here to ensure your digital media strategy pushes the envelope. 


The primary and most desirable offshoot of quality content is the provocation of purpose based thinking, interaction and change. Our track record proves we have boundless experience conceptualising, creating and placing campaign content that achieves all of this and more. 

Social Media

The phenomenon most closely affiliated with the millennial generation, there’s no getting around the importance of social media. Our experience spans to cover strategy and planning, branding, management, network development and futureproofing. It’s time to resonate with your audience.


Events are the best way to engage a targeted audience in a direct and personable way. A great event is all to do with planning. At Black Pepper, we coordinate media events that succeed in communicating your core message to the individuals in the room – and beyond. We work with a broad roster of brands, organisations and personalities to this end.  


When executed correctly, a strategic promotional partnership can be the most impactful element of any PR strategy. We cut our teeth in this area, working alongside brands to ensure they are paired in a mutually beneficial capacity and fully in-line with their own vision. 

Media Relations

The bread and butter of any PR or brand development service, media relations is a service the core of our roster and very few campaigns run without it. In the past we’ve successfully secured placements in regional, national and international publications – never frivolously or without direction and always in a way that bolsters the wider campaign at hand. We view generating press as an exciting challenge which ultimately boils down to being both timely and topical.  

Design and visual identity

A big rebrand or relaunch is often the perfect excuse for a fresh PR services campaign. We endeavour to make your life as easy as possible by offering design and visual identity components within our wider brand development services. We’re a reinvigorating, outwardly promotional one stop shop!